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Another Sidemen Mukbang with a twist. Enjoy!
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21. feb. 2021

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Ethan Ramirez
Ethan Ramirez Pred uro
im the 413,999 like
Jay Kim
Jay Kim Pred 3 urami
how tf there an ad every 3 mins
Max Hinton
Max Hinton Pred 5 urami
1:01:52 The slowest bite of food ever
Nyotic Pred 7 urami
49:05 I can relate to this experience, except my mum was the person who picked me up from the rollercoaster into a country that doesn't speak English ._.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Pred 7 urami
20 women vs Harry defo hitting 20 mill views
Andrew hope
Andrew hope Pred 8 urami
18:02 we not gunna talk about ksi's voice break
Georgia Lane
Georgia Lane Pred 9 urami
Why do they always sound drunk when they start filming
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Pred 7 urami
Wagu steak is way more expensive
shadow boy
shadow boy Pred 13 urami
Tommyinit rn watching this be like 👁👄👁
Holly Colman
Holly Colman Pred 13 urami
“A piña colada but it go harder” Vikkstar123
Riley Sollerud
Riley Sollerud Pred 15 urami
22:20 Ethan is becoming his dad 😳
2,042 is how much JJ weight
Jaydon Manton
Jaydon Manton Pred 15 urami
if harry dropped that wine i would’ve died 🤣
Riley Sollerud
Riley Sollerud Pred 16 urami
This video would be 1000 times better if they were all in suits
—— Pred 17 urami
all i want, is for Vik to finish his mouthful
Dr. Gaz Matic
Dr. Gaz Matic Pred 17 urami
56:26 Reddit clip that...
Apurva Bhattacharyya
Apurva Bhattacharyya Pred 18 urami
vishxl bxthejx
vishxl bxthejx Pred 23 urami
Tristan Groenewald
Tristan Groenewald Pred dnevom
Damn, they just spent 6 months worth of my salary to eat xD Love these guys, so entertaining.
KaNaz Z
KaNaz Z Pred dnevom
*me who can barely afford a £4 burger*
Nathan Riley
Nathan Riley Pred dnevom
Do the least expensive muckbang
Roy Rodry
Roy Rodry Pred dnevom
big up tobi for praying while his friends were talking and being sober in this video
Ismail Q
Ismail Q Pred dnevom
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred dnevom
Doesn’t matter what gen they from no ones comin close to the sidemen ever
Kyle Bill
Kyle Bill Pred dnevom
Wagu steak is way more expensive
Dominic Lauron
Dominic Lauron Pred dnevom
Camera Quality is good
1NFECT3D. Pred dnevom
Simon Doesn't Like Talking While Eating Does He...
iori uzumaki
iori uzumaki Pred dnevom
mopping the ting yeah!
1NFECT3D. Pred dnevom
I Feel Like The Only Person In The Group Who Would Love To Live In America Is Simon
Yulagg Pred dnevom
check out my youtube
1NFECT3D. Pred dnevom
We Eating Good Tonight...
That1anime geek
That1anime geek Pred dnevom
Lol kamichi rice -Tobi
Lukas Goudie
Lukas Goudie Pred dnevom
expensive mukbang and Ethan is using plastic utensils lol
Vlad Po
Vlad Po Pred dnevom
Watching this I am surprisingly thinking about barbarians in Rome... just thoughts...
daniel the gameruk
daniel the gameruk Pred dnevom
40:29 keep watching the door there’s a ghost
Lil WRLDzx
Lil WRLDzx Pred dnevom
The last supper
Rody12S Pro
Rody12S Pro Pred dnevom
Doesn’t matter what gen they from no ones comin close to the sidemen ever
Eva Pred dnevom
Josh and Tobi are the biggest shippers
Landra C
Landra C Pred dnevom
THESE BOYS PAAARRTTYY!! OML I wanna go to one at least one 🙃
Ahmad Pred dnevom
ethan: "i wanna punch my self" :emos "i feel ur pain."
Eva Pred dnevom
22:34 Josh and Tobi are on the same wave length.
Rohan Bomb
Rohan Bomb Pred dnevom
They should do a vegetarian (NOT VEGAN) Mukbang
Anoyolo Kumanda
Anoyolo Kumanda Pred dnevom
Big up tobi praying before eating
Akylman 888
Akylman 888 Pred dnevom
9:31 blackest seconds in history. Black man perfectly catching chiken and instanly eating it.
Charbel karam
Charbel karam Pred dnevom
funny how vik ordered a salad and was basically the last one to get his food😂 The whole time my man's was looking at others plates😂😂
vibhor aggarwal
vibhor aggarwal Pred dnevom
30 mins in Vik still ain’t got no food, someone pass him a rib .
Clara Louise
Clara Louise Pred dnevom
Kurt Mackie
Kurt Mackie Pred 2 dnevi
At 40:34 there’s a ghost in the back left
Lloyd Frayne
Lloyd Frayne Pred 2 dnevi
Its funny. Jj once said on true geordie podcast that if he wants to work he goes with the sdmn, if he wants a night out its freezy. Here he seems like the lightweight. Ik he didnt technically say he was a bigger drinker than the sdmn, but rather bigged up freezy (didnt even really big himself u). But the fact he was talking about himself with freezy and excluding the sdmn gave me the impression theyre lightweights while theres only him close to freezy. Lets face it here most of these a bigger drinkers than JJ
shush Pred 2 dnevi
40:33 never thought I'd see a ghost in a sidemen video 😂
cal the gamer
cal the gamer Pred 2 dnevi
Does anyone else notice that there was a ghost at 40:33 on the background. Someone put the clip on ksi, w2s, zerkaa, all of the sidemens reddit to let them know.
Flockz Pred 13 urami
waittt wtfffffffffffffff
Jopnadi Pred 16 urami
kayellos Pred 2 dnevi
Yells End
Yells End Pred 2 dnevi
No one seen the ghost after 40:30
Unknown gamer
Unknown gamer Pred 2 dnevi
guys watch the door way at 40:31 there’s a ghost!!!
Gannon McGarrah
Gannon McGarrah Pred 2 dnevi
Bro 40:34 there is a figure behind that just swoops by
oWisKy Pred 2 dnevi
1:14:19 that joke was underrated fam
Karl Österberg
Karl Österberg Pred 2 dnevi
Anyone that finds the ghost
KH47KU Pred 2 dnevi
Did u guys saw at the wall 40:35
Leonardomarroquin _
Leonardomarroquin _ Pred 2 dnevi
Lool at 40:33, ghost in the background on the left in the door
henryh10x_ Pred 2 dnevi
15:49 Although I don't practice the religion anymore, my respects goes to Tobi, he took his time to pray after he got his food. It would've been better if the rest of the Sidemen let him pray in peace.
ruqqz Pred 2 dnevi
Who else notices the ghost in the background at 40:34 behind the guy in rainbow shirt
hoang nguyen
hoang nguyen Pred 2 dnevi
The rigid australian acly mend because dream recently rhyme against a dizzy utensil. confused, overjoyed zebra
AliveJRT3 Pred 2 dnevi
ksimon is back
ALFIEZ Pred 2 dnevi
40:34 there is a ghost behind Ethan and vik😮
Anonymous channel
Anonymous channel Pred 2 dnevi
There’s a ghost in the door next too ethan
Megan K
Megan K Pred 2 dnevi
why is no one talking about how heartwarming it was seeing Tobi blessing his food
Ella P
Ella P Pred 15 urami
@Christina Titus 15:50
Christina Titus
Christina Titus Pred 15 urami
What time?
Andrew Butterworth
Andrew Butterworth Pred 2 dnevi
40:34 there a mf ghost in the background wtf look to the left of viks head in the door way
The vloggers Liam jack Joseph sunni
LEwis Rose
LEwis Rose Pred 2 dnevi
Ghost in the background ?
Bigmonkey COck
Bigmonkey COck Pred 2 dnevi
vik talks to much
Big Tuna
Big Tuna Pred 2 dnevi
Sidemen go to Vegas
VoyaSZN Pred 2 dnevi
40:34 pay attention to the background on the left there’s a ghost play on 0.25 speed aswell
Jack Wood
Jack Wood Pred 2 dnevi
Ok what is that behind Ethan at 40:33!
Jimmy Mitchell
Jimmy Mitchell Pred 2 dnevi
daaaamn boi vik lookin good my man is slick vik
Granga Dang
Granga Dang Pred 2 dnevi
What is wrong with JJ's hair 😂😂
Khaled hoblos
Khaled hoblos Pred 2 dnevi
Has anyone seen the ghost 40:33 behind ethan
iamshaggyb Pred 2 dnevi
22:00 is the best part of the video
Kimo Playz
Kimo Playz Pred 2 dnevi
They turning into the sidebang mukmen
Adam Bagnall
Adam Bagnall Pred 2 dnevi
Everyone please stop the vid at 40 mins and 30 seconds and look at the door between Ethan and Vik, am I the only one who seen that ghost?
Hawkeee Pred 2 dnevi
40:30 theres a ghost!!!
Jamie Wood
Jamie Wood Pred 3 dnevi
40:33 anyone else see above ethan’s shoulder their is a ghost
Flockz Pred 13 urami
@Aids Camel no waiter is seethrough g
Aids Camel
Aids Camel Pred dnevom
Pretty certain that’s a waiter
DaRealBrownBear Pred 2 dnevi
I can’t see it
Youth Boy
Youth Boy Pred 2 dnevi
Anthony moreno
Anthony moreno Pred 3 dnevi
Is that a ghost 40:32 in the door in the back
Ben 5x9
Ben 5x9 Pred 3 dnevi
rxyz fn
rxyz fn Pred 3 dnevi
Why is no one talking about 40:34
Xrran Pred 3 dnevi
40:32 ghost walks past in the background
Yazmin Cherry
Yazmin Cherry Pred 3 dnevi
*Ethan try’s to be funny*
CL.01 Pred 3 dnevi
40:34 ghost in the background?
Harry Ford
Harry Ford Pred 3 dnevi
Has no one noticed that at 40:34 there is a ghost that goes past the door way behind vik in the back of the shot
Elite SnipeZ
Elite SnipeZ Pred 3 dnevi
So at 40:30 we just gonna ignore that ghost figure move past the door
BIGHUDSON 69 Pred 3 dnevi
40:34 wtf
kylewostaken Pred 3 dnevi
look at the door behind vik and ethan at 40:34 theres a ghost
Nicholas Windy
Nicholas Windy Pred 3 dnevi
Did any one see a ghostly figure run past at the point 40 31 onward?? I swear it's a ghost
CyberSolo Pred 3 dnevi
Thats cool and relistic green screen... im joking im joking chill out i love sidemen :D
JohnTheSailor29 Pred 3 dnevi
Miguel Desouza
Miguel Desouza Pred 3 dnevi
ethan's order is someones salary
Esai Martinez
Esai Martinez Pred 3 dnevi
They talk too much
AntonR Nik
AntonR Nik Pred 3 dnevi
it's the point of their mukbang, like a podcast almost, stop complaining
Yadira Arnold
Yadira Arnold Pred 3 dnevi
those who confess with their mouth Jesus is Lord and truly believe in their heart shall be saved turn away from ur sins God has a purpose for ur pain
bigoreoman Pred 3 dnevi
How are these lot thin I had 5 grapes today that's it and I'm twice their size
Nick Mine
Nick Mine Pred 3 dnevi
The unbecoming night lastly sail because show visually occur before a thinkable radish. periodic, alcoholic competition
Superbustr Pred 3 dnevi
This video is disgusting! Each one of them is ordering 4x to 8x your average person's monthly grocery bill for one meal.... When more than half of the UK is unemployed and broke cause of covid.
AntonR Nik
AntonR Nik Pred 3 dnevi
Just a Believer
Just a Believer Pred 3 dnevi
Sidemen m; Twitter is the worst Also sidemen: 32:55